Mr. Azhar Idrus Welcome to Melaka

Friday, October 28, 2011 — 0 comment(s)
LIVE in Melaka for the first time. WOw. everyone love it!! hey, Who Else? Ustaz Azhar Idrus. The most hit Ceramah inside Youtube and Facebook. to be honest, the most impressive ustaz !. He attract youth to hear about Fiqh. and Islam in general.

Pondok Baitul Qura, Sg.Udang - Saturday 29/10/11 Surau Tmn Desa, Duyong. - Sunday 30/10/11

Hey where was the goal ?

Saturday, October 22, 2011 — 0 comment(s)
for how many times Suarez hit the BAR? he deserve one goal in every match he played. pity him. luck luck hey luck please join us pleease!! this is what football needs. the luck!!. but luck is with the keeper. De Gea, and now Ruddy. an Evertonian. pleasse get me 3 points on next game! pls. can't get enough.
Full time 1-1 LFC-Norwich 23/10/11 at 12.30am

Hamstring pull me OFF

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 — 0 comment(s)

Buttocks pain, just under it. Behind your thighs. A sudden pain when you try to kick the ball, to run, and extend your leg straightly in 180 degree of angle. Thats the pain i felt just now. It was a Futsal tragedy on 5th March, a gathering with old mates. back to my childhood moment. Really excited, and you knoww!!.. I PLAYED WITHOUT STRETCHINGGG!! THATS A SILLY MISTAKE!! AAAgghhh...

I must learned from the mistake i've done 2 Years ago. got ACL Torn and went for 6 month rehab. NO SPORT activities on that interval. DEMN.. And the mistake happened again, luckily the Hamstring problem in just a level 1 injury. (Refer to sport injury website. as long i can walk ordinarily).

pic desc: Pic 1, my brother azim and I. Pic 2 the examiner checking the slippy pitch. causing damage on me... oooh dem.

I ran to save the ball from goal.. i slipped thigh was fully stretched, and almost 180degree just like a gymnast man pull his leg in that angle.. WOW!! and you know whats the sound come?? 'Pop'. Ahaa.. i laughed, and could be another scare injury!!.. aaghhh its paiiinnnn no lough anymore... i tried walking. luckily, its OKAY. i can drove back the car, and send my bro to his hostel before going back to KJG and tell mama and ayah the truth. Mama, seek my old ice-pack and told me to take an off day on Monday. And I said, I'm OK. I'll be back to Malacca in Monday morning.

my old injury: Visit my old blog here (It was October 2008)

I pre-assume no normal football for a-week. AAGGhhh... by the way, thanks God i can walk. Alhamdulillahh...

Part 1: I was made for Liverpool

Monday, March 7, 2011 — 0 comment(s)

2 days ago. It was liverpool entertain all football fans global. Why? Liverpool was originated to bring joy to its fans. But it 'was'. And thats claim by man who fans. They asked dalglish to kiss again the trophy like he've done before. Early 2000, a new millenium malaysians are welcome by series of football from england. Decreases in local football was the reason. I knew beckham, cantona and wht they call the scumface or somtin like babyface sollksjaer (this spell might be wrong).
I knew little bout other side of football team, name liverpool fc. Who? Is it beckham or cantona in it? Yes, i know nothing. My father intro me the name of azman adnan and rusdi suparman on that interval. Haha, really im a die hard selangoriann.. No doubt. It was christopher kiwomya scored in golden goal malaysia cup final against pahang (pohang?) 1997.I was there in Shah Alam stadium. And the fact is kiwomya was on-loan striker from arsenal fc. A-Like westbrom did just now to loan carlos vela the mexican young guns. 5 years in advance, i starting to know where the name liverpool come from.

Yap bro.. Its 2005, the year of every football fans remember most. Epic 3-3 draw versus milan. I was in form 4. In tikl by the way... And apperently i was not sooo intrested on the match. Fakkaapp.. I hate people are too noise to cheer the team that never being heard by the player who play far far away.. Haha really stupidd things. (that was my thinking on that time. But now i keep annoy others by scream 'goal' as loud as i can) until the name rafa benitez stold my attention. He bring former number nine, and i see the bright of this young man when he play spain on wc japan-korea. Who else? Fernandho-toyyes. (ooh this could be wrong spell again).

Yap, i make a clear statement. I start following LFC with incoming of this superstar from sunny spain. On hes first debut season. It was magnificent. Gerrard was incredible. Midfield maestro, mr xabi the lejen and very very combative litlle monsterano. The young danish (what nora danish?) dan agger i mean.. And our super pepe rrrreina.. Then i started learning the subject of code LFC.

coming soon the second part.

serious blogging.. seyes.. !

Friday, February 25, 2011 — 0 comment(s)
i blogged since 2006. seyes beb!!.. its too long. it was back on 5 to 6 years ago. and now, in twenty-eleven, a kick-start for a brand new bloggin era has began.. yes, all of this gonna use this shit language. wht shit lang?? Yes. this penjajah punya Lang, could be nicer. drpd ak dok rosak bhs ibonda ini, why not i making some shit to this lang. ok. u x okay. pls goo.. goo.. this is my blog.. my view. u not ok, pls close your browser and seek other blogg.. chow..

My reflect on interview

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 — 1 comment(s)
No doubt.. I felt so nervous during the interview. Ms. Hazlen gave me all the question that i felt the hardest question to answer. As a fresh graduated interviewee, I was expected quite tricky question to be asked. I answered it calmly, and make sure i'm not get stucked or silent for all of sudden. Yes.. finally, i 'satisfied' with my performance. I answered all of her question.. But not sure either she understood me. I wish, this is not the real interview. I'm not well confident, and i'm looking shaky during the Q&A session.

Regarding the task given such as; cover latter and resume. I reflect that this helped me a lot. I said, this is my first ever cover latter writing as well as my resume. It's important for applying any job to any company to give some brief introduction about ourself, so that the company can listed down our names on their shortlisted interviewee. A good writing on cover latter is vital.

And for this second reflection, i can conclude; I had learned so much on this mock interview. I gain some experience during this session. and i hope I can improve myself on the real interview. No matter higher your CGPA, pointer during your academic session, it will not so affected .. as well as you perform well in your job interview.

Flip your words

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 — 0 comment(s)
click this link

1.type anything inside the original box
2.Then, the words that you type will appear on the box below in 'upside down' position..
3. Do copy and paste the flipped word anywhere..
4. You are free to decorate the words ; it's font, size, bold.. etc..

˙˙ƃuıʇsǝɹʇuı s,ʇı ˙˙ɹǝddılɟ pɹoʍ sıɥʇ ǝʞıl ı
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